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What is Google Marketing Platform

Benefits of using Google Marketing Platform:

Google Marketing Platform Products

  • Search Ads 360

    helps you to manage, automate and optimize your paid search campaigns real-time and at scale.

    Search Ads 360 allows you automate daily PPC’s tasks – from keyword creation and ad copy changes to inventory management, across all markets, languages and search engines.
    It allows ad managing in Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo! Japan and Baidu, and getting one report from various engines and social channels.

    • Automate Campaign Management enables to work efficiently across multiple platforms
    • Smart Bidding tool lets you optimize your business objectives
    • Reporting: real time data means real time results
  • Display & Video 360

    is a predefined side platform tool which is based on technology combining audience buying and smart bidding to enable the automated buying of ad space at scale.

    Display & Video is a single tool dedicated to running programmatic display campaigns, in which you can plan campaigns, design and manage creatives, organize and apply audience data, find and buy inventory, measure and optimize campaigns.

    • Create, manage and develop creative assets and designs across teams.
    • Cross – device control over your investments
    • Audience targeting on a deeper level
  • Optimize 360

    allows to carry out tests and advanced personalization on the website. It provides you with the best digital insights, which can improve your business.

    You can make simple changes in the text, image or style, but also experiment with more advanced changes by advanced HTML and Javascript code. Advantages of Optimize 360:

    • you can deliver custom experiences to your Analytics audiences, without needing to build new ones,
    • test different variations with the usage of Google Analytics audience targeting
    • you can run 100 experiments at a time and set up more than 3 objectives that are measuring success
    Optimize Optimize 360
    Made for...Small to medium-sized businesses
    getting started with experimentation.
    Larger enterprises and businesses with more sophisticated testing needs.
    A/B testing
    Native Google Analytics integration
    Basic URL targeting
    User behavior and technology targeting
    Geo targeting
    Technical targeting (JavaScript, cookies, data layer)
    Google Analytics Audience targeting
    Web app suport
    Multivariate testing (MVT)Up to 16 combinations.Up to 36 combinations.
    Experiment objectivesUp to 3 preconfigured.Up to 10 preconfigured,
    additional available once started.
    Simultaneous experimentsUp to 5More than 100*.
    AdministrationBasic administration with unlimited users.Analytics 360 Suite administration.
    Implementation services
    Support and servicesSelf-service help center and community forumEnterprise-level service, support, and SLAs
    Payment options.FreeInvoiced monthly.

    *Up to 24 experiments per Analytics view by default, more available upon request.

  • Studio

    is complete solution to build and manage engaging digital ads, from custom video to dynamic creative.

    Studio allows you personalize ad elements in real time with respect to the audience, environment and media. It delivers the best creative messaging to those users at the right time. Studio is fully flexible as far as the creatives are concerned:

    • No fixed template required
    • No fixed coding standard
    • All formats possible
    • All devices possible
    • Custom and bespoke
    • Hosting of creative assets in one place
    • Full control & flexibility over dynamic creatives
    • Quality Control
  • Surveys 360

    is a market research platform that surveys internet user and helps you gain valuable consumer insights to make smarter, faster business decisions.

    Surveys 360 helps you get an edge with fast results that are applicable, robust, and validated, at a fraction of the cost of traditional research.
    With Surveys 360, you can:

    • Gain industry insights relevant to your business or audience
    • Get feedback on campaigns and make adjustments in real time
    • Improve creative by seeing which concepts work best
  • Tag Manager 360

    is a tool, that allows managing all the tags in one place without editing the code.

    How can GTM 360 help you:

    • Allows access features like approvals, commenting capabilities, and zones for a fast, flexible, and secure way to tag.
    • Supports, and works seamlessly with, all Google and third-party tags.
    • Unlimited number of workspaces, refined access controls, and multi-environmental testing allows both marketing and IT teams to efficiently work together.
  • Campaign Manager

    is the core of programmatic ad buying that serves sending engaging creatives to the user, while collecting data that can be measured and providing feedback to marketing strategy.

    Campaign Manager is an ad managing interface tailored for advertisers and agencies. That tool allows you manage your cross - device campaigns.
    It has many functions making your work much easier such as: ad serving, targetting, verification and reporting.

    • Measuring and reporting on all media in one centralized platform
    • Advanced measurement, data driven attribution and reporting tools
    • Hosting and serving multiple engaging ad formats across all channels
  • Data Studio

    funnels information from various sources into visually compelling and interactive reports that are updated real-time.

    It allows collaboration across teams and makes it easy to share reports for those who need them within business organization. Why is it worth to use Data Studio?

    • create and present clear reports that are updated in real-time
    • reports are easy to read and share
    • many data sources: Google Analytics, Google Ads, DCM, MySQL, Search Console, Big Query, YouTube analytics and Google Sheets
  • Analytics 360

    measure website, app, digital and offline data to gain customer and marketing insights.

    Google Analytics 360 allows you to integrate data from website, media source CRM system and offline data in one easy to use interface. Tool achieves better evaluate performance of content, products and campaigns with 4 hour data freshness.

    Analytics 360 enables advertiser to execute faster, make smarter decisions and optimize content across channels. Why Analytics 360 vs our standard version?

    Data collection:

    Google Analytics Google Analytics 360
    Monthly limits10M hits (free)Tiered pricing
    Custom dimensions / metrics20/20 per property200/200 per property
    Calculated metrics5 per view50 per view
    Properties / account5050+
    Views / property2525+
    Roll-up properties
    Data freshness24 hours4 hours (SLA)
    10 mins in BigQuerys

    Data integration and import:

    Google Analytics Google Analytics 360
    Google Ads
    Google AdSense
    Search Ads 360
    Display&Video 360
    Google Ad Manager
    Custom Data Sources Import
    Query-time data import

    Reporting - Advanced reports

    Standard reports
    Custom report, dashboards, segments
    Custom funnel reports
    Real-time reports
    Flow visualisation reports
    MCF reports & Attribution modeling
    Data-Driven attribution modeling

    Dealing with big data - DisplaySampling

    Standard Reports Pre-Aggregated
    Report Row Limit Per Day50k75k
    Report Row Limit Per Day (All Pages Report)1m1m
    DisplaySampling in Ad Hoc Reports & Video 360500k sessions / property100m sessions / property
    Custom Tables
    Unsampled Reports

    Dealing with big data - API

    Standard & MCF Report Data
    Real-Time Data
    Unsampled Reports
    Raw Session Data Via BigQuery

    Service - SLA

    Service Level Agreement
    Implementation and suport
    Early access to beta features

    Collection SLA
    Analytics 360 Service collects Customer Data from Properties at an Uptime Percentage of at least 99.9%.

    Reporting SLA
    The reporting interface for the Analytics 360 Service is available for Customer’s use at an Uptime Percentage of least 99%.

    Data Processing SLA
    Except as set forth in the Data Processing SLA Exceptions article available here, the Analytics 360 Service processes collected Customer Data within 4 hours of receipt at an Uptime Percentage of at least 98% for Properties that receive fewer than or equal to 2 billion Hits per calendar month.

Full Stack Experts

Our offer covers not only Google Marketing Platform implementation but also variety of the services which provide You with personalization of marketing activities and improve your knowledge.


Full Stack Experts
- Google Marketing Platform Certified Partner

Our news

A new player in the market - easier access to Google Marketing Platform.

Full Stack Experts, which comprehensively facilitates the Google Marketing Platform (GMP) technology, is entering the digital marketing market. This new partnership already has its first clients in Poland but has also expanded its reach to as far as Australia and United Kingdom.

Google Marketing Platform
Customer reviews

“The implementation of the attribution model is not only a matter of having a tool, but it is about a change in the way we look at the data in our organization. We are a data-driven company and this project allows us to unify our marketing data, capabilities and knowledge in individual countries.”

- Juho Wallenius, Group CMO (Mash)

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